• Arresting Time: A Conversation with Ketaki Sheth

    Deepika Sorabjee

    Ketaki Sheth takes time over things. At home in Manori, where she spends weekends away from the city, the sleepy seaside village is conducive in its languor to her way of working. Indeed, the village has become her studio. And a studio in this ‘studio’ forms a stunning setting for her first experiments in colour.......

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Waswo X Waswo

Waswo X Waswo studied at the University of Wisco...
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Sophie Ernst

Sophie Ernst is a visual artist who explores arc...
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Sophia Powers

Sophia Powers received her BA in Art History fro...
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TAKE on Writing

Editor's Note

His wit remained sharp, his language erudite, and his gently chastising temper always lined with good humour. This is how I have always fondly remembered Mani da (K.G. Su....

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The Commercial Elephant in the Room: The Curious Silence in the Discussions on Digital

Dr Sharon Harper

In the eyes of most photographers and theorists, the digitalisation of the image has fundamentally changed the nature of photography—its practi...

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Photosketching: Towards a New Personal Visual Language

The visual documentation by artists of everyday observations has been at the core of creative practice since the dawning of time. The desire to r...

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Materialising the Immaterial: Multiple Valences of the Photographic Image in Contemporary Art

The subjective, aesthetic eye of the photographer, much valorised and venerated, has demarcated some as great photographers of their time and tec...

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